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LuxonPay in Live Dealer Casinos

LuxonPay e-wallet is a game-changer in the world of online payments of live dealer casinos. This revolutionary software is easy to use, has lots of benefits for frequent players, supports many currencies, and is available for live dealer gaming on the go due to convenient iOS and Android apps. But let’s explore each of these and other features one by one.

One App for All Currencies

Players usually need to choose online casinos that align with the currency supported by their e-wallet or other payment method. LuxonPay contributes to more flexible banking by supporting over 30 currencies, all of which are available within your account. This makes it extremely easy to switch between international online casinos, as you are no longer bound to using only one currency. Regardless of the default currency the online operator uses, your payment app will adjust and convert with minimal fees and in no time at all.

Personal Card

You may keep all your transactions within an e-wallet if you intend to spend cash solely online. However, if you plan to also spend your casino winnings offline, you can order a branded MasterCard. Once you have it, you will be able to enjoy ATM cash withdrawals and make payments at offline merchants.

Great App

The app is free to download and it will allow you to quickly and efficiently manage your e-wallet account by freezing a card if you need to, monitoring the current exchange rates, downloading statements, etc.

Diverse Transactions

Within one e-wallet account, you’ll be able to enjoy free peer-to-peer transactions, safe casino deposits and withdrawals, and other features, including an option to request cash from contacts.

Statuses and Benefits

By default, everyone starts as a Standard user but the payment method also allows upgrades to Classic, Premium, and Noir tiers. The upgrade will depend on the turnover of cash that you intend to maintain. The higher the tier the more diverse the benefits, including lower currency exchange rates, no fees to top up the account by a card or a bank transfer, higher deposit and withdrawal limits, and other perks.

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Top 3 Benefits of LuxonPay

Fast Registration

There is hardly any competition to LuxonPay when it comes to signing up. This software allows a newbie to set up a basic account in less than a minute!

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30+ Currencies

Not only does the platform operate with 30+ currencies but it actually allows a player to access all of them within one account.

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Personal Card

Customize your experience with this payment system by ordering a branded Luxon MasterCard and using your casino wins to pay offline or withdraw via an ATM.

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Is It Hard to Set Up LuxonPay? 

Not at all! In fact, this software allows newbies to set up basic accounts within one minute or less.

In a nutshell, you will need to head to the payment method’s homepage and select an option to sign up. The system will request your e-mail to which it will forward a 6-digit verification number. Once you’ve verified your e-mail, you will be asked to provide personal information:

  • Your first and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Country of residence
  • Passport number

As the last step, you will be asked to create a password. That’s it. Now you can use a basic e-wallet account. You can also start the registration process but pause it and complete it later but make sure you do the entire procedure within 72 hours.

Be also mindful of the fact that once you’ve exceeded a certain threshold of basic payments, the system will ask you to verify the account. To pass the KYC, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • A valid ID, including either a passport or your driving license.
  • A utility bill, a bank statement, or your tax assessment — either of these will work. What matters is that the document has your full name and address and is no more than 3 months old.

If you have any questions about the verification procedure and documents, don’t hesitate to contact the payment method’s help desk representatives for support. The verification usually takes 24 hours or less and once it’s completed, you receive a push notification, and the status of your account changes to Verified.

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Making Deposits with LuxonPay

To be able to make the deposit with the reviewed e-wallet, make sure your online operator supports it. Head to the Deposit section of your casino account and check the drop-down menu of payment methods. Pick LuxonPay and insert the credentials requested by the page. Specify the amount you’d like to deposit and make sure it matches the minimum and maximum deposit limits of both the casino and the payment method.

The system will then forward you to the next page where you get to authorize the transaction. Once that’s done, the funds will land in your accounts within seconds and you are all set to play!

Now, it is good to know that there won’t be a deposit fee as the payment method charges it to the merchant. However, to top up your e-wallet before you can actually send funds to the online gambling account, you might run into some charges. More specifically, if you top-up your e-wallet with a card, you will pay a fee if your status is Standard. Bank transfer top-ups are free of charge.

Alternatively, to fiat methods, you are welcome to top-up using crypto wallets and blockchains. Currency exchange may add additional fees of 2% to 0.5%, with the higher rates applied to all Standard accounts, and lower rates reserved for Noir status holders.

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Making Withdrawals with LuxonPay

This payment is an e-wallet and as such, it should be compatible with casino withdrawals. However, some exceptions may apply. To be on the safe side, if it is important to you to withdraw via LuxonPay, before registering in any online lobby you are welcome to drop the customer support team a DM requesting to confirm whether they do in fact support cashouts to this e-wallet.

Plus, to qualify for a payout via this e-wallet, you must first deposit using it. Now, if that’s the case, here is what a cashout process will look like:

  • Head to your casino account and select an option to withdraw.
  • Pick the reviewed payment method from the dropdown list of all the options that the online operator supports.
  • Fill in the details as requested by the online operator, including the amount that you would like to cash out.
  • Make sure that the amount that you request aligns with the minimum cashout limits of the casino and the e-wallet.
  • Insert your e-wallet credentials and launch the transaction.
  • Once the summary of your transaction appears, verify it by inserting your e-mail. That’s it, the funds are on their way!

Depending on the online operator, certain withdrawal fees may apply to your transactions. You may learn about them in advance by requesting information from the help desk representatives.

Once you receive the payout, you may spend it online at any other merchant that supports the reviewed e-wallet. Plus, you can transfer funds to peers via an e-wallet online. You may also spend it at offline stores or withdraw cash from an ATM if you have a LuxonPay MasterCard. In case you do choose to use ATMs, be mindful of a 1% fee that applies to such cashouts. If you send money from your e-wallet to a card or via a bank transfer, a fee will apply to Standard accounts but will be eliminated for Classic, Premium, and Noir accounts.

Our Opinion About LuxonPay

When it comes to comparing popular e-wallets commonly used to deposit in popular online lobbies, LuxonPay holds its own with a unique set of features and benefits that set it apart. Let’s break it down:

  1. Currency Support: The reviewed payment method shines with its support for over 30 currencies, offering unparalleled flexibility for international gaming. While MiFinity, Skrill, and Jeton also support multiple currencies, LuxonPay’s extensive currency options make it a standout choice for players who frequent global online lobbies.
  2. Personalized Card: This payment method goes the extra mile by providing users with a branded MasterCard for offline transactions, a feature not commonly offered by many other popular e-wallets. This adds a layer of convenience for users who prefer to use their e-wallet funds in physical stores or ATMs.
  3. Transaction Diversity: Enjoy a comprehensive range of transaction capabilities, including free peer-to-peer transfers and the option to request cash from contacts, which sets it apart from its competitors. While competing e-wallets offer similar functionalities, the reviewed one supports seamless integration of these features within a single platform and enhances user convenience.
  4. Tiered Membership Benefits: You will come to appreciate a tiered membership system, offering perks such as lower currency exchange rates and higher transaction limits as users progress through different tiers, providing added incentive for users to engage with the platform.
  5. User-Friendly Experience: The e-wallet in question prides itself on its user-friendly interface and hassle-free registration process, making it accessible to both new and experienced users. Its intuitive design and efficient customer support set it apart from many competing payment methods.

In summary, while MiFinity, Skrill, Jeton, and many other popular e-wallets offer robust solutions, the reviewed payment method distinguishes itself through its extensive currency support, personalized card option, diverse transaction capabilities, tiered membership benefits, and user-friendly experience. Whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned gambler, you’ll appreciate a compelling blend of convenience, flexibility, and rewards for your online gaming needs.

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LuxonPay: Frequently Asked Questions

According to the FAQ section of the official website, this payment method is available in 150+ countries. In a nutshell, all over the globe. To be on the safe side, you may scan the list of countries yourself or pop the question to the help desk representatives.

There are currently 10s of certified live operators that accept LuxonPay and many more will add the payment method to their cashiers as soon as it becomes more and more famous. Scan our casino database for the best platform to play at.

That won’t be possible, unfortunately. The names of the casino and payment method account holders must match, and if they don’t, it will become obvious during a verification procedure. Subsequently, the online operator can penalize you for breaching its T&Cs so it’s best not to risk it.

Not all online operators unlock promotions for players who use e-wallets. That being said, there are also plenty of online operators that support special bonuses for specific e-wallets. So, don’t miss out on any special deals for the reviewed payment method when they pop up in our promotional news feed.

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