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Review and Strategy for EZ Dealer Roulette (Ezugi)

Posted on May 11, 2022 | 7:49 am

It’s always nice to see a gaming company take risks.

In a business growing as fast as the online gaming sector, it’s not as though they have to! Designers could play it safe and still make a handsome living.

But that’s not how Ezugi does things.

They’ve only been around since 2012, but have been shaking things up of late with a new looks and fresh approach.

Now they’ve dropped EZ Dealer Roulette, an excellent title which will certainly be part of an excellent series. In many ways, it represents a new approach for this brand, and we must admit: it looks good on them.

As the title suggests, the design team keeps this one simple and sweet. The gaming fundamentals are on point, the RTP is outstanding at 97.3%, and the visual approach is stellar.

Although this is not, strictly speaking, a live dealer game, it strongly resembles one in terms of both architecture and game feel. The combination of RNG-driven play and an excellent sense of cinematography may have players quickly forgetting this detail, however.

It’s true… this title is clearly designed to appeal to the same audience and clientele as that of the live dealer scene. There’s even an image of a real croupier standing behind the wheel! The only difference is the lack of a human dealer spinning the wheel, and the fact that players don’t have to wait for an actual, physical ball to land. Otherwise, the gaming substance is the same.

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EZ Peasy

Any way you slice it, this is a well-named release.

Everything about it is easy! When it comes to style, substance, even player interface, every element is as simple as can be.

Studio-recorded video clips skillfully create the illusion of a game with real, live dealers. There’s racetrack view option, and sector, call, and complex bet combinations are all available. Per-round bets range from $0.10–$1,000.00, so players of all bankroll sizes will feel welcome here.

There’s a statistics window displaying the result of the previous 200 rounds. (Although, mathematically speaking, this is information that no player should want… repeat after me: previous random outcomes have no impact on future ones. If this were any doubt about this – which there shouldn’t be! – a RNG-driven title would be the most obvious example in the history of examples of how randomness works. But we digress.)

One major plus is the chance to play on the Standard Ezugi UI and unified lobby, which allows players to switch to live at a moment’s notice and enjoy all the advantages of a diversified, fully integrated system available in one single place.

Finally, and best of all, this title offers a competitive RTP of 97.3% and standard European rules, with none of the ridiculous side-bets presented only to boost the house’s bottom line.

That’s what we call clean, streamlined play. No frills, no distractions, and no fat to be trimmed: just a well-built game.

We can hope that this is the first of many similar, quality offerings in an EZ series from this designer!

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Ezugi’s Evolution… or Evolution’s Ezugi

We mentioned earlier that RNG-driven games present somewhat of a new direction for Ezugi. This is partially because the brand was acquired by the even-more-powerful Evolution Gaming in 2019, and is showing signs of emulating their parent company.

This is an understandable approach, since Evolution seems to be making constant news in the industry, both for its international deals and the quality of its products.

Specifically, this EZ series from Ezugi reminds us a lot of the parent company’s First Person series. This suite of nine games similarly found the sweet spot between the excitement of live dealer gaming and the perks and ease of playing traditional (non-live) online casino games.

There is one notable difference between the two gaming suites, though. Whereas the First Person games really were being played individually, EZ titles are not, in fact, played alone. As in a Live Dealer offering, everyone who plays the game at the same time sees the same screen and gets the same results. So that element of gaming solidarity with worldwide community – one of the most cherished advances to come out of the live gaming trend – is in fact present here.

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Where to Play

where_to_playReady to give this one a shot? Then we have good news for you: with the brand power, popularity, and ubiquity of Ezugi and Evolution, this game is available at all kinds of casino lobbies worldwide.

Among the many worth candidates to consider, we’re recommend taking a good hard look at Tusk Casino. In addition to an overall solid reputation, this outfit offers a 50% matching bonus for initial deposits up to $1000, as well as excellent weekly bonuses.

One other lesser-known brand that players might want to explore is Casinoisy. This smaller outfit offers big bonuses – think 100% deposit-matching up to $500 as a place to start – and is available in a wide variety of markets worldwide.

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