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Complete Guide To Live Slots

Live slots are an entirely new way to enjoy traditional cabinet slots. It took a while for table games to be presented in live dealer format, but once the technology was there, it was only a matter of time until it was extended into actual slots. At first, you might be asking how is this anything different?

The slots that you have played in online casinos are video slots, as they are programmed and created for desktop computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Though they look and feel quite the same as terminal slots, they are still somewhat different from a technical point of view. Live slots changes this by simply offering you remote play of actual machines.

This works in a somewhat interesting way. You might be used to live table games by now, and similar technology is in use. Actual terminals are used, with a video camera and an audio recorder bolted to the machine, with an additional device attached to allow you to give commands directly to the machine. This means that you are playing the slot via the internet, and not on the internet. When you click to roll the reels, they actually physically roll somewhere. The machines work with virtual currency, meaning that you can deposit and withdraw your winnings via the online casino you are playing in.

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Top Casinos for Playing Live Slots

Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of online casinos that offer remote play of live slots. We will keep the list up to date as more and more sites take advantage of this new live gaming feature.

The Difference Between Online Slots and Live Slots

the-difference-between-online-slots-and-live-slotsThe technology is one thing, and obviously it’s quite a difference here. Today pretty much all online slots are built using HTML5 technology, which in effect is a programming language. Terminal slots aren’t mechanical beasts either, although they used to be. But they are produced in a wholly different method and way.

The end result is not that much different, it just means that these two game types function in entirely different machines. What you experience when playing a live slot is the actual machine, as you control it from afar.

An added benefit here is that the machines in question are usually located in actual land-based casinos. This adds to the atmosphere, and also adds a whole new world of games for you to play. Interestingly enough, it also bring casino bonuses, hitherto limited to online casinos, to the mix. This might very well be something that revolutionises the entire industry, and at the very least it adds a whole new level of competition into the game, which can only benefit the player.

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Play Thousands of Classic Slots

The selection might vary, and it might very well take a while until all the games become available. So far, when it comes to classic slots what you have is a collection of ported games as well as slots created in the retro style. This is quite different from what is on the table now.

The software and hardware that has enabled this innovation are becoming more and more popular in the states, which arguably is the home to the first generation of superb slots games. This means that an era of history, that some thought had passed, is coming back within your reach.

There are still plenty of game producers that produce games for land-based casinos and other places of gaming, and the history of this dates back a good hundred year. This means that there will literally be thousands of games to play. The only limitation is the fact that the experience is limited to one player per machine at a time.

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How To Play Live Slots

how-to-play-live-slotsThe process is quite simple. First, you need to find an online casino that offers this service. For that, you have us, as we keep an up to date list of all providers within easy reach.

Secondly, you’ll need to create an account to make a deposit, remember to take advantage of our suggested casino bonuses when you do so.

Thirdly, you simply need to find a game to play and get the reels rolling. It’s really not any more complicated than that.

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A New Way to Experience Land-based Casinos

By now you should be familiar with how everything works, and understand that what live slots brings you is a completely new, but familiar, way of enjoying slots. Just like streaming services have revolutionised the way we enjoy TV-shows or movies, it has also brought easier access to experiences we are familiar with.

The ease of play means that you can now enjoy slots, in this format, with any device and from any location. Combined with online casinos, it also means that you can do it with means already at your disposal. Depositing money and using it on games is done the exact same way as before.

The experience itself is similar to live dealer casino games, albeit with the difference that it’s just you and the machine you choose. If you find that online slots are lacking in atmosphere, then this is a brand new way to experience all those games and original casinos that you have always wanted to try out.

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Live Slots Limitations

The only limitation you are going to experience is one machine being limited to one customer at a time. This is no big deal as more and more places big up this method of offering games. The same of course applies to different bonuses and perks offered by online casinos.

This list will expand as these early days of live slots pass, and this method of gaming becomes more widely available. Demo games likewise are a limited feature, but otherwise, the gaming experience is just as inclusive as in any other format.

For now, we suggest you take a look at what’s available and choose a place and games to play.

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